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The Timelessness of Corporate Gift-Giving: Building Relationships and Boosting Morale

The Timelessness of Corporate Gift-Giving: Building Relationships and Boosting Morale

Business has and always will be competitive. Some say it’s never been this competitive and maybe this is true, but nonetheless, if you are in business you need to be attending to your clients, staff and partners better than your competitor down the street.

There are lots of ways to build relationships with the people that matter and so we never say a gift, a diary or a notebook are the only way to boost business, but we do believe there’s a personal touch that comes with them that can break through the often impersonal and digital way we deal with everyone these days.

We feel physical gifts (yes diaries and notebooks) taps into the emotional core of human connection that we all desire. And, it’s nice to be thought of!

Who Doesn’t Like To Feel Appreciated!?

Saying thank you is always a good place to start with customers and staff.

And whilst you could stop there and would have done a great deal more than many people in business these days, allow us to elaborate :After all this is a blog and we need to write more about this for our SEO, so let’s expand on this! 

Expressing your appreciation and gratitude for people does wonders for everyone. It sends messages like “we actually care about you” “we are genuinely grateful to have you as a customer/staff member” and “we wouldn’t be where we are today if wasn’t for people like you”.

The Science Behind the Gift: Why Corporate Gifting Works

And science and scientists are showing that expressing your thanks, gratitude and appreciation can do wonders for everyone’s wellbeing.

Studies have shown that gift-giving triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. This "giver's high" extends to the recipient, creating a positive emotional exchange.

So for businesses, aside from just making everyone feel good, it might just translate to increased customer loyalty, improved employee retention, and a more positive company culture.

Yet There’s A Common Problem With Gift Giving That We See Everyday

What on Earth do you buy for your staff and customers, all people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, needs, likes, loves and hates!?

If we had a dollar for every time we were asked this question “what do we get our clients?” I think we could stop selling custom diaries and notebooks!

But here’s our two cents worth, take it or leave it from the team that have been serving some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest companies for decades!

The key to successful corporate gift-giving lies in one simple thing:

  • You Should Know The Recipient: In business, we have this odd belief that when people step over that line into work mode, they become these different beasts. But the reality is they are just people. They have likes, dislikes, needs and desires and it is ideal if you understand and get to know them. And if that’s too hard because there are too many people to know, then ask someone who does. Find out ways to know about their interests, hobbies, or what they might use at work. A personalized touch goes a long way.

And if that doesn’t help, here are few more ways to unearth the perfect corporate gift.

  • Focus on Quality: Opt for high-quality gifts that reflect your company's brand image. Avoid generic or cheaply made items. Think of materials like leather if you have the budget or opt for leather look materials that are well made.

  • Think Practical: Gifts that can be used in their daily lives, like travel mugs or tech accessories, are often well-received. Oh yes, and diaries are very practical and have a high perception of value too!

  • Don't Forget Branding: Subtly incorporate your company logo or a branded message on the gift or its packaging. But remember who it is this gift is for, do they want to be walking around like a neon street sign or would they prefer something more understated?

Beyond the Material: The Gifts of Time and Recognition

Corporate gift-giving isn't limited to tangible presents. Recognizing employee achievements through public praise, offering additional paid time off, or providing opportunities for professional development can be equally meaningful.

The Future of Corporate Gifting: Personalization and Experiences

We feel that the more technology infiltrates our lives, the more people crave tactile and personal gifts. Personalization is a big buzzword right now, but it’s been around for decades. For example, we have been embossing individual names to diaries and notebooks since we started. It is a powerful, popular acknowledgement of someone and elevates you and your company to another level.

And let’s not forget experiences! Cooking classes, hamper hunting or team outings are emerging as exciting alternatives to traditional presents.

The Enduring Legacy of the Gift

We are big believers that corporate gift-giving is an investment in relationships, not an expense.

And with the way the world can feel so polarized at times, what better way to express more gratitude than attitude than with a simple gift. 


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